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At five-foot-ten, this stunning brunette has been rocking exclusive parties for the past decade from New York to Miami, Southampton to Shanghai, Paris to Paradise Island. Aside from globetrotting, Omi resides in New York City where she has a weekly residency at Club Space Ibiza and is a fixture at A-list venues including Tao downtown and PhD. Omi was the first female to hold down a residency at the original Marquee club in New York and has held residencies at Miami hotspots including the Fountainbleau hotel, the Clevelander and Cyn Nightclub.

Where you want to be... Who you want to be with.....

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Whether it’s a mix for working out or a mix to make you shout, get in touch so we can see what music can be made. I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. 

    Thank you and talk soon!



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