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About Me

A female dj on the decks is sexy, but a lady that effortlessly controls the the crowd — now that’s hot. Naomi a/k/a DJ Omi has been creating concierge musical atmospheres for nightclubs, events, brands and cutting-edge pop ups for nearly 2 decades. Since she could sit at a piano, even before she could Box Jump, Naomi has had that bug to perform and bring happiness to the humans who enter her realm. 
Classically trained at Manhattan School of Music and educated at Columbia University  (where she trained in neurobiology, concentrated in modern French theory and dabbled in radio at WKCR), Omi has shaped a concierge niche in the dj world from New York to Shanghai, Capri to the Bahamas. Her seamless blend of remixed current hits, classical favorites and hidden gems keeps her in high demand. 


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